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Reverend Joan Sabatino’s invocation, January 3rd, 2023






Pursuing justice by voting, advocating and making just public policies.

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It's Time to Fix Harrisburg

What to say on your postcard: Demand that your PA Representative vote “NO” on the current legislative rules, or reform the rules before approving them.

PLEASE REFER TO THE IMAGE ABOVE (click HERE to get a printable/downloadable PDF version) for more information about what we are asking of our legislators.

FYI: Legislative rules aren’t law or set in stone — they’re voted on at the start of each session. These rules let one person elected by a few thousand voters in one district block priorities supported by millions of voters across the state. They give all the power to committee chairs, block bipartisan solutions, and make the PA General Assembly one of the most inefficient in the country. But we can fix it! This crucial rules vote, expected soon, will control our state’s two-year legislative session. It’s time to #FixHarrisburg and its broken system of governance.

Mark Your Calendars!

Please save the dates for these meetings throughout 2023.

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A Crucial Vote Is Coming!

From Carol Kuniholm, Fair Districts PA Chair:

“As representatives wait for a vote on rules, consider contacting your own representative with a message of support for rules that enhance bipartisan discussion and include a promise of a vote for bills with bipartisan support. Also remind them to ask for at least 24 hours to review any rules proposal…This will be a legislative session like no other. In Harrisburg, as in Washington, divided government could open the door to more collaboration or could set the stage for greater gridlock. Solutions are possible, but they won’t happen without strong public pressure for a functional legislative process that allows for the broad majority of voters’ voices to be heard.”

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