Rev. Joan’s Blog – May 2022

Every election is determined by the people who show up. – Larry Sabato, political scientist
Yesterday in the mail, I received my May 17 primary ballot. Have you received yours? Have you 
requested it? (the deadline is May 10.) What about your children, have you asked them if they have
applied for and received their mail in ballot? How about your friends and neighbors, your siblings,
other members of your family no matter their political leanings?
We will only save our democracy through getting out the vote. I see no other way. Elections matter.
And, in my opinion, if every citizen of this state (and country) had easy access to voting our
government would look and act differently. It is a goal that gives hope.
There are several ways you can get involved NOW:
• Have a plan for voting either by mail or in person.
• Ask everyone you talk with everyday if they have a vote plan
• Become an Election Worker (see info in this newsletter)
• Support UUs running for office (see our website)
We will kick off our UUtheVotePA initiative at our annual meeting. Meet our partners, find the
onramp that works for you – one-on-one door knocking, phone banks, text banks, letter writing
campaigns, and continuing our post carding efforts through the election.
Please join us for our Hybrid Annual Meeting on Friday, May 20 & Saturday, May 21 at the
Unitarian Church of Harrisburg. Each congregation was sent a poster to display. Did you see one at
your church? We will have food, entertainment, a business meeting, Rev. Fred Small on Saturday
morning for a Keynote address & workshop. And Saturday afternoon we Build Justice in
Pennsylvania hearing from legislators from around the state, kicking off UUtheVotePA, and recognize
the three Unitarian Universalists running for office whether they make it through the primary or not.
Get all details on our website
Our Annual Meeting theme is “Hope & Resolve.” How do we stay hopeful in these challenging
times? We work for democracy in every way we can. Remember, none of us can do everything, but all
of us can do something.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions,
Holding ground in our faith and moving justice forward in PA,
Rev. Joan