We are aware that these issues lead to devastated communities. Our focus is to promote programs to rehabilitate prisoners and assist returning citizens, support expungement clinics throughout the state, and help dismantle Life Without Parole.

Team Mission

We work to end:

  • mass incarceration, especially of people of color, due to unjust drug laws;
  • mandatory minimum sentences;
  • unfair administration of justice including over-policing, cash bail, and prosecutorial overreach;
  • educational apartheid;
  • substandard education;
  • poor access to employment

2024 Meeting Dates

Our Team meets monthly via Zoom, every month except as noted below, on the last Monday of the month, at 8 PM.

(no meeting in July or December)
January 29
February 26
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Meeting ID – 713-234-7624

How We Work for “Good Government”

Our issues span both the state and local levels, and include these issues:

Ending Death by Incarceration: In PA, anyone found guilty of first- or second-degree murder is automatically sentenced to life without parole. The judge has no discretion to do otherwise. Thus, a person who was merely a lookout or getaway driver when a murder occurs is charged with second-degree murder. There are now more than 5,000 persons sentenced to die in PA prisons, many of them elderly. “Death by Incarceration” is expensive to taxpayers, as well as inhumane to the individuals affected.

Upcoming Events

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Legislative Goals

Specific bill numbers/status coming soon


Specific bill numbers/status coming soon


Abolitionist Law Center Report


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Probation and Parole Reform:  Major reform is badly needed in this area. A failure to report a change in residence or employment can get a person sent back to jail. A majority of legislators in the last session supported reform, but the bill was
bottled up and then extensively amended in committee. This was a huge disappointment, and we joined our partners in opposing its passage.

Reform of Act 111: The legislation that provides binding arbitration for police and firefighters in lieu of the right to strike was passed in 1968. The binding arbitration determines pay raises and policy, and resolves disciplinary issues. In Philadelphia, more than 70% of the discipline cases that go to binding arbitration result in a reduced punishment and/or restoration of prior status. Two reform bills were introduced last session, one by a Democrat and one by a Republican. Stay tuned for a hoped-for collaboration.

Solitary Confinement: Our team joined the PA Council of Churches in support of a bill that would limit and reform its use in terms of frequency and duration. Numerous studies have documented the harmful psychological effects of long-
term solitary confinement.

Occupational Licensure Reform: We are happy to report success in this area in Pennsylvania’s last legislative session. Each licensing agency is required to revisit and revise its regulations, and make individualized decisions. Now, for example, returning citizens will be able to apply for a barber’s license.

Additional legislative goals:

  • End the death penalty
  • Oppose mandatory minimum sentences
  • Bail Reform
  • Divest from for-profit prison industries
  • End prison gerrymandering (the bill introduced last session would use the inmate’s former residence, rather than prison address, for census and for establishing legislative districts)

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More About Our Team


 Our Team leaders: Margaret Carrow and Michelle Copiabianco

Our team has joined other organizations in public rallies, calling for fair commutation and ending death by incarceration. Various UU congregations are involved in related local issues; for example, the UU Fellowship of Centre County has revitalized the Centre County Chapter of the PA Prison Society. This has resulted in improved conditions in the county jail and in two state prisons.