Team Mission

The Good Government Team is based on upholding UU Principle #5, “…the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.” We work to increase awareness and take action related to PA legislation that relates to having open and honest government which represents everyone. We have a special focus on:

  1. redistricting reform
  2. increasing voter participation
  3. minimizing money’s role in government

 2024 Meeting Dates

Our team meets every other month (beginning in February),

on the first Tuesday of the month, at 7 PM.

February 6

April 2

June 4

August 6

October 1

December 3

To attend our meetings on Zoom:
From your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or

click this link:

Or by phone:
1.408.638.0968 or 646.558.8656
Meeting ID – 713.234.7624

How We Work for “Good Government”

Redistricting reform to eliminate gerrymandering by having an independent commission decide how lines are drawn for state legislative districts.

Increasing voter rights and participation by supporting fair and democratic legislative rules, automatic voter registration, support for vote-by-mail, open primaries, and other voting reforms.

Minimizing money’s role in government by supporting: citizen funding of campaigns, disclosure of campaign contributions, a ban on gifts to legislators, and an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to curb big money’s dominance over politics.

Securing the vote in our elections by using voter-marked paper ballots with optical scan machines, allowing easier access to recounts and audits.

Strengthening ethical behavior in government by updating ethics laws and supporting open access to public records.

Stay Informed — Get Involved — Take Action!

How do we do it?

  • Our virtual Film and Speaker series, produced in cooperation with UUJusticePA, on “The Democracy We Want”
    (sample video here — “Fixing Extreme Economic Inequality” with Chuck Collins)


  • Continuing to lobby our PA State Representatives and PA State Senators in support of Good Government legislation


  • The user-friendly “PA Legislature 101” video primer, available via Page 6 of the Good Government website and at:


Action Alerts

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Upcoming Events

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Legislative Goals

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Our Team Leader


Neil Goldstein, UU Church of Delaware County