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Our Team meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 8 PM.

January 19
February 16
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Team Mission

The Reproductive Justice Team supports and advocates for legislation thatgives people the right to have or not to have children, improves maternal and child health, provides for safe and healthy environments in which to raise children, and supports the rights of individuals to express their sexuality without fear of oppression.

Upcoming Events

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Our Priorities

Recognizing that Reproductive Justice encompasses more than reproductive rights (e.g. expanding and protecting legal access to birth control and abortion) and intersects with social, political and economic inequalities that affect primarily women’s reproductive health and ability to control their reproductive lives, we support and advocate for legislation and action that:


  • Protects an individual’s right to obtain birth control and abortion and seeks to make both easily accessible and affordable for all
  • Seeks to address reproductive inequities among members of marginalized communities including racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, incarcerated persons, and those living in poverty
  • Ends pregnancy discrimination
  • Bolsters breastfeeding rights
  • Reduces maternal and infant mortality rates
  • Implements menstrual equity*
  • Empowers individuals with evidence-based sex education
  • Provides for a living wage
  • Offers paid family leave to biological, adoptive, and foster parents

(*”Menstrual equity” includes but is not limited to these issues: advocating for menstrual products that are affordable, accessible, and safe; ending the shame and stigma surrounding periods and menstruation, which has prevented decision-makers, healthcare providers, educators and individuals from ensuring that menstrual health is a priority; and ensuring that people have the needs, support, and choices to decide how they want to take care of their menstrual health.)

PA's Anti-Abortion Constitutional Amendment: Where are we?

Formerly SB 956

FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Since 2014, legislators all over the country—including here in Pennsylvania—have embarked on a systematic campaign to weaken the protections in Roe and end abortion access throughout the United States. The No Right to Abortion Constiutional Amendment is the most extreme and dangerous attempt yet.

Before the 2022 summer recess, anti-abortion legislators switched course in their efforts to silence Pennsylvanians and strip them away of fundamental rights. In the evenings of July 7th and 8th, anti-abortion legislators amended the no anti-abortion constitutional amendment to include that there is no right to tax-payer funded abortion or any other right relating to abortion. This amendment would essentially pave the way for more abortion restrictions and bans in the state…


Action Alerts & Updates

Our team joins the UUA and many UUs across the country in outrage and dissent regarding the recent Texas ban on abortion. To read the UUJusticePA Reproductive Justice Team STATEMENT, click HERE.

To read the press release from the UUA, click HERE.

One of the most important ways to advance reproductive justice is to contact your legislators! Here is a list of the members of the PA House Health Committee for the 2021-2022 Legislative Session .

We encourage you to contact your representatives and express your views on the issues. 






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More About Our Team

We ask our team members to each be responsible for following one or two organizations and legislative bills, and report on them at each of our monthly
meetings, which are held the third Wednesday of each month at 8 PM. We hope to have a few speakers during the year at our meetings. We invite other
UUJusticePA teams to contact us if an issue arises on which we can lend a helping hand. We will ask our fellow teams for aid in support of our issues if
needed. We also educate our personal UU congregations on reproductive justice issues in Pennsylvania.

Legislative Goals



Legislative Goals


In the News

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