UUtheVotePA is a program of the Unitarian Universalist Justice Pennsylvania Education Fund, 501 (c)(3)

A note from Reverend Joan

Pennsylvania has become more than a battleground state in November. I think of PA as THE KEY State in this Midterm Election.

Our PA Governor’s race will be critical. We must elect a sensible, honest, and justice-committed Governor. Given our choice, well, you know what to do!!

And then, the critical PA State House & Senate races. If you don’t know your candidates, please take the time TODAY to find your legislators. You are already on our website. Go to our website home page, pull down the Resources ribbon, and click FIND YOUR

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LOCAL ELECTIONS. They are essential to our privacy, health, well-being, and environment.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Make sure your voting-age family members, neighbors, and friends are all registered to vote. And ask them to “Commit to Vote” on Nov 8.

Remember my often repeated message: If every resident of our State voted, our General Assembly would look different, and our legislative priorities would be different.



Call your county election office to determine what your county needs. 
You will most likely not be in your precinct.  Mail in your mail beforehand.

If you would like more detailed information, please visit the pa.gov/Resource page.

Together, we have the opportunity to affect the elections in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. Many UUs work polling locations as volunteer greeters and other volunteer positions. Becoming an elected or appointed poll worker has several benefits:

  • Learn about PA elections
  • Get paid a nominal amount for training and election day
  • Help Your Community
  • Take Part in saving our democracy
  • Gain valuable experience

The Election Board is responsible for filling five positions for each county. Elected positions are Judge of Elections, Majority Inspector, and Minority Inspector. Non-elected (appointed) positions are clerks and machine inspectors.

If you would like to serve in one of the elected positions next election (May 17th) there are many currently vacant positions that must be filled by the Election Board, most county boards will begin filling positions with those who fill out the Poll Worker Interest Form.

Write Letters to Voters from wherever you are.

Writing letters to voters is one of the most effective ways to help increase election turnout. And you can do it right from home!  You will have the opportunity to choose your campaign and Pennsylvania is on the list!

Learn more and Get started here: Vote Forward.org 

Coming This Fall

After Labor Day, there will be opportunities for phone & text banks, tabling, and deep canvassing with each of our partners.

Western Pennsylvania

PIIN – Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network


The New Pennsylvania Project

Central Pennsylvania

HUB for Progress

The New Pennsylvania Project

Eastern Pennsylvania

Action Together NEPA (Northeast PA)

POWER Interfaith

The New Pennsylvania Project

UUtheVote National Call

UUs across the country will be invited to join UUtheVotePA and POWER Interfaith to make Get Out the Vote Calls across PA.
Thursday, October 20, 2022
6:30 – 8:30 ET
5:30-7:30 CT
3:30-5:30 PT

Every postcard we write keeps justice marching forward!

If you need postcards, stamps, or more information, please contact Caron Carnahan, Congregation Liaison Coordinator at ccarnahan70@gmail.com

Summer Postcarding Topics

Good Government: Contact your candidates running for office this November! Will they vote YES to a Gift Ban? Will they vote YES to change the rules in January 2023?


  • Write to your House Representative about the need to pass a Gift Ban. Try a simple message: “End Corruption in PA Legislature. Pass a Gift Ban!!” Learn more here: Giftban.org
  • Vote YES to change the House Rules in January 2023
    Learn more here: Fixharrisburg.com